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A message from the owner:

 Anders Auto Glass was started in 2009. We have served over 30,000 customers in the Northern Colorado area.

We back our work with a lifetime workmanship and defects warranty

Either you're happy or you're not , and our goal is to make sure you're happy. So, if you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 970-689-3763 or email .

What's a  windshield

replacement all about?

Affordability? Quality? Or does it go a little deeper than that? What about the safety of your family? 

What happens when you get a rock chip less than twenty four hours after you get a replacement, and by the next day your windshield has a HUGE crack in it?

At Anders' Auto Glass, we feel you and your family deserve a little more than "Thanks for the cash..." We are a family owned company with more than 30 years experience and most importantly WE CARE.

We do the job right.



The next time you need a windshield, call the one company who will take the same care with your family as we would with our own.  

"Chips for Tips"


Absolutely FREE

Rock Chip Repairs 

For as long as we can remember those "FREE Rock Chip Repair" signs seem to pop up on almost every corner. When we found out that it was only free if you have full coverage insurance and only if that was part of your policy, we were a little disappointed. When we found out how much it would cost without going through your insurance, wee were VERY disappointed! We were being quoted between $50.00 to $135.00. We felt that was a little ridiculous. So, when we started Anders Auto Glass, we wanted to actually do them for free. Unfortunately the equipment and resin aren't free. So, we decided to do them for just tips. Thus "Chips for Tips" was born! You decide what it's worth! Pretty simple formula with great results!

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