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At Anders Auto Glass, we offer the best services and repairs for all your Fort Collins auto glass needs. We strive to make sure that your auto glass is in the best condition. Call today for our help.
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A Fort Collins Auto Glass Dealer You can trust we tend to take for granted how much a windshield protects us from wind, rain and debris but other than making the drive more comfortable the windshield also protects the driver and passengers in some fairly unique ways. The windshield gives added strength to your vehicle and just like seat belts and airbags, is an integral part of your vehicle's safety system. With a cracked or stone bruised windshield you compromise the structural safety of your vehicle in the event of an accident. If you have a chip, crack or other damage to your windshield you need to see a professional Fort Collins auto glass dealer right away. 
Your safety and that of your passengers depends on the proper repair or replacement of your damaged windshield. The Fort Collins auto glass technicians are trained to ensure the job is done right. If the windshield has a small crack or some pit marks caused by stones it could be possible that they can repair it but if the damage is more extensive, the windshield will need to be replaced. 
Rather than making a claim on your auto insurance you might want to consider handling the expense yourself if your budget will allow. No matter what you do, talk to an auto glass specialist first. Just be aware that if you do need to use your insurance coverage, you have the right by law to choose the Fort Collins auto glass shop you feel the most comfortable doing business with. 
Fort Collins Auto Glass Shop: Auto Glass expertise if you’ve never had to have your vehicle windshield replaced you may not know what to expect. It's really a simple process but it should only be handled by a knowledgeable Fort Collins auto glass shop. Don't let your cousin or a friend of a friend tell you they can do it for you and save you some money. While it may look like it's just a matter of taking one windshield out, adding some silicon and popping in a new windshield, there are a few fine details that can affect the safely of your vehicle. A Fort Collins auto glass technician knows what windshields and adhesives to use and will adhere to federal vehicle safety standards. 
Plan to be without your vehicle for at least a couple of hours when you go to have your windshield repaired or replaced. When you call them to make an appointment, you can confirm how long the Fort Collins auto glass shop will need to do the job. Keep in mind that some added time may be needed for the adhesive to set up. You’ll need to protect your vehicle from rain, snow or extreme temperatures during this time. The curing time can vary depending on the specific product used and weather conditions. The Fort Collins auto glass dealer can advise you on how long you should wait before driving the vehicle. 
The Fort Collins auto glass shop technician will begin by checking your vehicle and then covering the interior upholstery and flooring to protect them from the adhesive or other potential damage. He will then remove the wiper blades and arms along with the windshield trim before removing the old windshield. He will remove the old adhesive and apply new adhesive to the windshield frame. The Fort Collins auto glass technician will clean and prime the edge of windshield before installation to make certain it bonds completely to the vehicle body. Once the new windshield is put in place, the wiper arms, blades and trim will be replaced and the windshield will be cleaned and inspected. 
Fort Collins Auto Glass Dealer: Professionals at work maybe you have a very small crack or stone bruise on your windshield and it seems a shame go to the expense of replacing the entire glass. It may be possible to have your windshield repaired as opposed to completely changing it out for a new one. Windshield repair is intended to prevent the spread of damage with the use of a special clear resin. Windshield repair has greatly improved in the last few years and if done correctly is almost invisible. It’s also possible that your insurance company will cover the cost of the repair. There are times when the damage may be beyond a repair but check with a qualified Fort Collins auto glass repair shop to discuss your options. 
You can often find do-it-yourself windshield repair kits at your local auto parts store but keep in mind that this is not a job you should try to tackle yourself. These windshield repair kits are not the same method used by the professionals and may only cause a delay in getting your windshield repaired properly. It only takes a short time for what starts out as a small crack to turn into a spider web across your entire windshield. You’ll have no other choice but to have the windshield replaced because once the damage spreads it is impossible to repair. So don’t waste time with trying to fix the damage yourself. Contact the Fort Collins auto glass shop right away. 
Fort Collins Auto Glass Shop: Working to Establish trust of course the Fort Collins auto glass shop handles more than windshield repairs or replacements. Just like the name says, it’s all about auto glass. The other glass in your car or truck is not invulnerable to breakage. Rear windows and side glass might not be as prone as the windshield but a baseball hit out of the park, excessive heat or unfortunately vandalism and theft can leave you with some broken glass. But no matter the cause, if you need a rear or side window replaced, you know where to go. A dependable Fort Collins auto glass dealer can fix the problem for you. 

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